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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Anime Convention Has Come And Gone...

No, seriously...AAC, otherwise known as Another Anime Convention, ended today.

I had a great time this year.  There was a lot to see.  Four panels/workshops alone on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."  I'm still trying to understand this, but I will be writing something up on about it tomorrow night.

(Speaking of which, stories will be a little slow going this week because I'm booked all week at my other job as a substitute teacher, so having time to write and bring my son back and forth to different sitters this week is going to be a challenge to writing.)

Right now at I have some great pictures up from the con, as well as a starter story -- sorry for the lack of detail, but I'm going to be touching base with the chair at some point this week to get more details to add to it, and I needed something to be up there for the time being.

I was happy to see some "Madoka Magica" love there -- I bought a whole six pin set of the characters from the show, and took a picture of someone dressed as Kyubey.  She told me that people have been stopping her to get pictures telling her she looks "cute," not realizing that the character is "evil."

I do have some Masquerade videos up at the YouTube channel, although not all the skits because my camera died, and I have to check to see if the footage from the last two sketches that I took from my cell phone is still going to have sound towards the end of it -- I was having issues with the cell phone cutting the sound out towards the end of videos that I was taking, so I took the footage just in case it actually did work out. Another sketch/walk on will be up as soon as I re-edit it to be able to put it back up on YouTube -- first the download stopped, then it was rejected as a "duplicate."  Eventually I will have all the sketches either up or re-directed.

At some point in the next few weeks I will have interviews up for the voice actors that appeared at AAC this year -- Robert Axelrod, Quinton Flynn (of which I have some hysterical footage from his "Shenanigans" panel on Sunday that I will be posting up soon), Chris Cason, Christopher Smith, and Cynthia Cranz.  I'll be doing e-mail interviews with all five of them, so those will be up once the interviews have been conducted.

Overall, great con.  I love hanging out with fellow geeks. :-)  I will most likely be attending Queen City Kamikaze next, then Anime Boston in April.  So keep an eye out!

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