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Monday, February 14, 2011

Memorable Anime Character: Tamaki Suou

Name: Tamaki Suou
Where You've Seen Him: Ouran High School Host Club
His Story: Tamaki is the half Japanese/half French leader of the Ouran High School Host Club at Ouran Academy. Despite his home life, Tamaki has a very sunny disposition. But he also can act annoying around others in his position as leader, causing no amount of grief for other members of the club.
Why He Is So Memorable: Tamaki has a way with people.  Most of the time, his focus is on himself.  But he has his moments where his thoughts do turn to thinking about others.  He's endlessly fascinated with the "commoner" lifestyle and even adapts certain aspects of it into his life after meeting Haruhi, such as instant coffee.  He has a way of charming those around him.

Tomorrow -- The future King of the Pirates.

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