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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

J-Drama: "Ouran High School Host Club"

Okay, I'm not really into J-Dramas, but this one I'm liking.  And I didn't think I would.

I think everyone is familiar with the story of  "Ouran High School Host Club."  It started out as a manga, then became an anime show.  Here in the states, the anime became really popular (in particular among female anime fans), and who wouldn't fall in love with the charms of these boys?

But as a live action show?  I didn't think it would work.

Until I watched the first episode.  Then I could see it.

Some of the trademarks from the anime series were there, such as the text randomly showing up and the more cartoonish moments from the series.  One thing they don't do that the anime did was break the fourth wall.

I'm also disappointed that Honey isn't blonde and shorter.  He's one of my favorite characters just because the anime version looks so much like my son.

Can't you see this adorable face in a couple of years cosplaying as Honey?
But as I watched the first episode, I actually liked it. It was funny, and captured the spirit of the story perfectly.  I especially like how any drawn versions of the characters are taken out of the manga/anime versions.

If you're an "Ouran" fan, check it out online. Anywhere I send you might not be a legal stream, so no links.  But just type it in and you should be able to find it.