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Friday, February 4, 2011

Memorable Anime Characters: G-Force

Character: Ninja Science Team Gatchaman
Where You've Seen Them: They've had different shows over the years. In Japan, they were Gatchaman.  When they transferred the show to the United States they heavily edited the show and called it Battle of the Planets. They've also appeared in G-Force and Eagle Riders as well as an OVA.
Their Story: These five superhero ninja teenagers were under the employ of Dr. Kozaburu Nabu and were charged to protect the Earth's natural resources from Galactor and his minions.
So What Are Their Names? Ken Washio was the leader of the group, followed by Jo Asakura. Jun was the girl of the group, and her 10 year old brother Jinpei was also a member. Rounding out the five was Ryu Nakanishi, the pilot.
No, Really, What Are Their Names? If you remember "Battle of the Planets," you know their names as Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop and Tiny.  And for some reason, the voice actor for Keyop gave him a really annoying verbal tic that the Japanese version of the character didn't have.
Why Are They Memorable? Well, other than the history behind the show, they're memorable for me because they were the first cartoon that I remember wondering why their lips didn't match what they were saying.  But other reasons they're memorable is because they were before Captain Planet -- a lot of the themes of the original shows focused on environmentalism. Plus, they drove cool machines and kicked butt when they needed to.
Trivia: For those who remember 7-Mark-7 from "Battle of the Planets," he was never in Gatchaman.  He was added as a wrap around in an attempt to cover up the bad editing of the show.

Tomorrow, a pirate with an unusual fighting style.

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