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Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Anime Convention This Weekend!

Good news is that I will be at Another Anime Convention in Nashua this coming weekend, and you will see a lot of reports coming from the convention since I'm planning on being there for the entire three days.

I wasn't able to get my panel, though, which is a bummer.  But expect a series of stories on a non-anime property that seems to have the attention of the anime community, judging from the planned panels: "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

On Friday, there is a panel planned as of this writing called, "Calling All Bronies!" (male fans of the show)  Saturday has two planned panels: Why Ponies are Awesome, and right after that in another room a panel with the title Survivng the My Little Ponypocalypse.  So I figured this fandom was ripe for a story package.

Whether I cosplay or not will depend on whether I can get my costume together in time -- most of the pieces I need still need to be purchased, so I have to get to the store this week and see if I can find them.

I'm still trying to perfect the technology for video, audio and such, so be patient as I try to put something together afterwards.  Plus, now that I'm a substitute teacher work is starting to pick up a bit.  So I will try to get something together afterwards by the end of the week.

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