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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Memorable Anime Character: Il Palazzo

Name: Il Palazzo
Where You've Seen Him:  Excel Saga
His Story: This world is corrupt!  At least according to Il Palazzo, the leader of ACROSS, which consists of him, his overly energetic employee Excel Excel, space princess Hyatt, and their emergency food supply Menchi. His goal - to take over the world. However, he wants to start small and take over F city in F prefecture first.
What Makes Him Memorable? His lack of patience for Excel in every episode provides a running gag where he's constantly promoting her co-workers to positions over her, despite the fact that she's been there the longest.  Another running gag is the fact that, despite his orders to take over the world, he really doesn't have much to do, and is seen pursuing ordinary pursuits such as video games and guitar playing.  In the grand scheme of things, he's a huge character with grand plans who needs better empoyees at his disposal.
Trivia: Although the anime strays from the manga in a lot of aspects (mostly due to the fact that there are aspects of the manga that couldn't go on television), they seem to like to reference it.  In a Christmas episode, Il Palazzo starts to go on a possibly anti Christianity rant, but Excel stops him, reminding him of the controversy when it was published in the manga.

Tomorrow -- a young girl loses and regains her identity in a critically acclaimed Miyazaki film.

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