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Monday, February 7, 2011

Memorable Anime Character: Spike Spiegel

Name: Spike Spiegel
Where You've Seen Him: Cowboy Bebop
His Story: Spike is a "cowboy" -- a futuristic bounty hunter who is trying to make a living in a future society that's surrounded by crime and corruption. Spike hides a checkered past with a crime syndicate and a femme fatale that he's still very much in love with.
What Makes Him Memorable? Well, other than the fact that in the English dub he's voiced by Steven Blum (the computer TOM in the Toonami bumpers on Cartoon Network, Hiroyasu Ueda in Chobits, among others), Spike just exudes cool in every aspect imaginable.  He knows Jeet Kune Do, can handle a firearm with ease, snappy dresser, and can handle himself in a fight pretty well.  He and his partner Jet Black don't make much money from bounty hunting, usually because of unforseen circumstances involving their bounties.  But they still manage to at least get the bad guys in the end.
Trivia: You can still see Cowboy Bebop on Cartoon Network, despite the show's limited run of 26 episodes. 

Tomorrow: Haaaaaaaaaail our next character!

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