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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Memorable Anime Character: Chihiro

Name: Chihiro
Where She Can Be Seen:  Spirited Away
Her Story:  Chihiro and her parents are moving to a new town, much to Chihiro's disappointment.  They encounter what they think is an old fair when they get lost.  Her parents, not realizing they are eating spirit food at one booth, gourge themselves and turn into pigs, leaving Chihiro to navigate her new surroundings on her own.  She encounters the bath house, and finds herself working there as a contracted slave, and given a  new identity (Sen).
Why Is She Memorable? When the story starts, Chihiro starts out as the typical 10 year old girl with 10 year old problems.  She's whiny about having to move, and is just upset about the whole thing.  After her and her parents unwittingly find themselves in a spirit realm, Chihiro has to figure out how to get herself out of the predicament that she finds herself in. Over the course of the story, she learns that she has to grow up and find her path.

Tomorrow -- A Princess of the forest.

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