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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome To The First Post!

Welcome to Turning Japanese, a blog on anime, manga, and just general Japanese nuttiness.

To introduce myself, I am the Franklin Anime Examiner for the Manchester, NH page over at  However, because of the limitations I have in putting stories over there I decided to start this blog for other tidbits that I can't put there.

For example: over here I'll be able to do a feature that was going to go over there but it wasn't "local" enough for the site: weekly reviews of anime shows currently showing on Hulu. Since the site has over 170 anime and growing, I thought it would be a good idea to feature those shows that are online once a week to give you, the fans, ideas on what's good out there and what to avoid as you're thumbing through the anime section.

All reviews will keep parents in mind, giving general information on content.  Since I'm a parent and stepparent, I'm conscious of what some parents would find appropriate and what others want to avoid.

So watch this space for news, reviews, and anything else related to Japanese entertainment.

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