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Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Cowboy Bebop Remix

I received "Cowboy Bebop Remix" for Christmas this year from hubby, and thought I would get around to reviewing it today.  It was my first time really watching the show, so I didn't know what to expect from it.  But as I got farther along in the show it got me wondering why I never watched this on Adult Swim when it was on. (And from what I understand, it's still on -- this is one of those shows that Adult Swim shows on a regular basis in their lineup)

For anyone who might have never encountered "Cowboy Bebop" before, the majority of the show takes place in a 2071, some years after a hyperspace gate blew up the Moon and threatened the Earth with constant threats of asteroids falling down on them. Mars has become the hub of all activity, and with all the crime syndicates taking control of law enforcement it's up to bounty hunters, or "cowboys," to catch the bad guys, for a price.  The show tells the story of one group of bounty hunters on a ship called the Bebop and their numerous attempts to survive in this environment.

When "Cowboy Bebop" premiered on Adult Swim on its initial launch, it became one of the networks most popular shows. And it's no wonder.  The writing is spot on, and the characters are allowed to develop over the course of the series. Each character has their own past that they're keeping from each other, although it eventually comes out over the course of the show. And it also created one of the coolest characters in anime, Spike Siegel, who not only dresses impeccably but also has the American voice of Steven Blum, who voiced characters in shows such as Naruto and Samurai Champloo, and also voiced the computer TOM in the Toonami block on Cartoon Network.

For those who might not have picked up an earlier edition of this series on DVD, I highly recommend you do so now. The new sound mix makes the show sound fantastic.  The only issue I have with the DVDs is the sound disparity between the menu and the show.  When I put a disk in, I have to turn down the volume on the menu, then turn it back up when the show starts.  It also features "Session 0," a promotional behind the scenes video for the show, as well as several commentaries from American and Japanese voice actors as well as production crew.

This is one set of DVDs that I highly recommend you pick up.

5/5 stars

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